Santa_casa1-logoThe Santa Casa da Misericordia (SCM) is a recognized charity organisation working in all parts of Portugal. Since its founding in 1498, it has the mission of improving the well-being of primarily disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Being best known for its social action, it also develops important work in the areas of health, education and culture and within the social economy. SCM Castelo de Vide especially focuses on the work with the elderly population running – among other social structures – a home for elderly in the municipality.
SMC Castelo de Vide is part of the steering committee of the Local Council for Social Action (CLAS), a network of social actors developing strategies for social cohesion and local development in a region characterized by demographic loss and an aging population. A core objective of this network is to valorize the environmental ressources and cultural heritage of the municipality as an important potential for a sustainable touristic development. This Grundtvig project will be directly linked to SMCs activities inside this network of actors.



Amândio Valiente: Curriculo Europass

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