Vilnius 2014


Workshop “Participatory and Arts-based Research Approaches: the engaging tactics of collecting and communicating ethnographic data”. Training Concept Development. 20-21 June, 2014

This time we focused on the creative approaches in collecting the empirical data and the question, how the collected data can be organised and communicated creatively. The partners brought leaflets, videos, pictures and other materials, which illustrate, how the empirical data can be accumulated and communicated in an attractive, playful way, seeking to encourage further participation of citizens groups. Also partners reviewed and discussed ongoing local projects and developed a plan for further project actions. The Lithuanian partner,, brought the guests to the wooden neighbourhood of Snipiskes (Šnipiškės, lithuanian), where a local project is developed. By implementing creative formats for non-formal education, the residents are encouraged to share the stories and documents on the history of the neighbourhood.

Working program
Host: NGO “”, Vilnius
Venue: Vilnius municipality building (City Hall), 2nd floor, room 216.
Address: Konstitucijos avenue 3 / Europe square.

Day 1st (20 June, 2o14)
10.00-11.40: Excursion to the wooden part of Šnipiškės neighbourhood with the focus on the communication tools and forms of participation.
11.40-12.00: Meeting at the venue. Introduction to Participatory (Arts-based) Research Approaches session, planning.
12.00-14.00: Case studies “Communicating the empirical data, collected during fieldworks” (Sharing the cases of how to develop attractive, playful forms for the presentation of the empirical data.

15.40-17.00: Discussion: “Organising and presenting the empirical data: participatory approach”. Preparing profiles for the local projects of the partners.
20.oo-21.oo: Open air event for the local residents in Snipiskes; “Color Splash” is a part of “Culture Night” event in Vilnius.

Day 2nd (21 June, 2o14)
10.00: Meeting at the venue. Planning further working process.
10.40-13.00: Presenting the profiles of the local projects of the partners.
13.00-13.40: Discussing the local project and the training concepts.

15:40-16.40: Discussion: Works-in-project. Questions on the mid-term report.
16.40-17.20: Prepliminary solutions for the conference January 2015 in Portugal.


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