Window to Belgium project: collects oral accounts

“collects oral accounts” – Grundtvig ‘inside Views’

The Vade Mecum of collecting oral testimonies initiated by the European project ‘Inside Views “is a tool to
– Prepare an interview
– Conduct an interview
– Keep to broadcast the interview
based on ethnographic practices.

Any collector testimony created consciously or not content that can be shared.

This role of creator and distributor must be organized to be valued by many players.
The content must be accessible and easily distributable by anyone (scientific actors, social, educational, …)

Throughout this Vade Mecum, you will find fact sheets promoting learning of collecting oral heritage.

This work is the result of the work of HOmusée network (network of museums of ethnology members MSW) in collaboration with Mémoire Orale and PISTe  (network of science museums, technical and industry members MSW).

Today, the network aims to disseminate good practice among leaders of associations and their members.

more info: ICI (Pedagogical tools – “Inside Views”)

Cases of use of the anthropological approach in civic, cultural or intercultural education:

Ethno et archi (French and English), pdf

Ethno et théâtre (French and English), pdf

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