Meetings were the core of our partnership. Here’s what happened from August 2013 till July 2015.
A series of Inside Views workshops, run by each partners, where  various approaches were presented and diffrent methods were discussed and new tools were explored at local level.

Multilateral Meetings:
2013 October 04-05 – Berlin: Kick-off meeting. Run by Zeitpfeil.

2014 January 29-31 – Paris: “Analysis and comparison of the use of ethnographic method by the partners”. Arranged by Ethnologues en Herbe.

2014 June 19-21 – Vilnius: Workshop “Participatory and Arts-based Research Approaches: Training Concept Development”. Run by

2014 November 7-8: Liege: Art-based Research “Pilot Training”. Run by Musées et Société en Wallonie ASBL

2015 March 5-6: Castelo de Vide: Seminar “ Learn, Share, Develop”. Run by Santa Casa da Misericórdia Castelo de Vide

2015 July 4-5: Berlin: Final meeting. Run by Zeitpfeil

Bilateral meetings:

2013 November 15 in Paris: A meeting with the goal to develop a methodology and the plan for the workshop “Analysis and comparison of the use of ethnographic method by the partners”   took place in Paris with the participation of the coordinator from the side of Zeitpfeil.

2013 March 23-24 in Belgium an exchange between ethnologues from the Ethnologues en herbe and the Musées et Société en Wallonie ASBL was realised.

2014 September  in Castelo de Vide took place of a bilateral meeting with a group from Belgium

2014  October 24-25 2014 in Berlin, Zeitpfeil recieved a group from Castelo de Vide. Program here

2014 November 03-04 in Belgium-Mouscron, a group of educators, curators and artists from Castel de Vide visited projects and learn about the learning activties of the Museum. Presentation of the meeting here

2015 March 13-14 in Berlin a group of designers and anthropologists from Vilnius explored the connection between anthropological methods and urban design.

2015 July 13-14 in Belgium Mouscron French partners Association Etnologuoes en herbe visited the museum and exchange on ethnology and heritage in urban spaces: Réunion bilatérale Association Ethnologues en herbe et Musée de la vie trans-frontalière de Mouscron (Belgique) dans le cadre du projet européen Grundtvig

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