Window to Portugal project: Olhares Cruzados

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Castelo de Vide formalized a partnership with the The Castelo de Vide Group of Schools in order to operate locally the European project: “Inside Views – Fieldwork methods of social anthropology to promote civic, cultural and intercultural education”, within the Grundtvig program, which locally adopted the name “Olhares Cruzados “.

They are in different contexts.

The starting problem reveals

  • Institutionalization of old people and children
  • Weak coordination between institutions and their teams
  • Few work habits among multidisciplinary teams and between partners
  • Devaluation of the elders’ knowledge and oral memory on the understanding local history
  • Improvement need of writing and reading processes with the elderly and children
  • The need to improve the educational success understood in an inclusive way, permanent and for all the community

In Castelo de Vide

This Project:

It deals with the educational dimension in community development

Establishing a partnership for the development of inter-generational approach and processes in which it operates memory, heritage and oral testimonies.

The intervention sites are located in day centers, schools and socio-cultural facilities.

In short:

This project aims to find clues to a work transfer of likely educational processes in a more formal way, institutional and with school logic, for a more communitarian sense that gives new meanings to the institutions involved and qualify their actors as players of the processes in which they participate.


 Project Coordinator

Amândio José Valente e Valente

Window to Portugese partners project

Window to Portugese partners project

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