INSIDE VIEWS — Fieldwork Methods of Social Anthropology to Promote Civic, Cultural and Intercultural Education

The project gathers professionals of non-formal education, social anthropologists, society museums curators, artists, social workers, civic and intercultural professionals who are looking for new pedagogical tools aiming at valorising cultural diversity, including diversity of heritage and cultural expression, in order to answer to the needs of multicultural contexts and foster inclusion. The project aims to strengthen links between social, cultural, and educational institutions and to promote respect of the cultural diversity by valorising the heritage in its own diversity on local, regional and national levels.

In the category Cases the examples of ethnographical approach in civic, cultural or intercultural education, developed by “InsideViews” partners in their previous activities.

In the category Windows the presentation of adult education and fieldwork methods, developed in the framework of “INSIDE VIEWS” Grudtvig partnership are presented. Don’t hesitate to click:)

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