Cases: anthropological approach


Here, below partners share their successfully implemented project. Moreover a document was prepared with the definition of working words in french (pdf) by the Ethnologues en herbe.

Please note, that the following cases were developed and implemented in the framework of other projects and activities and not in the context of “Inside Views”:


Integration of artwork in to the project “Museum of cross-border life”.
Goal of the project is to integrate art and architecture  developing the concept of the Museum building in Wallonia

Description of Musées et Société en Wallonie project: Ethno et archi (French and English), pdf

Theatrical creations from living heritage.
The methods of ethnology (surveys, historic searches, social enviroment) ground lead to scenic creations addressing highly targeted themes of regional intangible cultural heritage. Mediation is based on rehearsals of theater then offering a very relevant oral communication to the public.

Description of Musées et Société en Wallonie project: Ethno et théâtre (French and English), pdf


“Learn the language, learn the city” – urban ethnography workshop.
Through the method of participative cartography, the participants are led to materialize their daily journeys in their neighborhood as the workshor goes along. During the outings, they record each other in turns about their journeys, Along the survey, they take pictures and write short essays.

“Treasures of everyday life” – an ethnography workshop on the cultural heritages of a neighborhood.
The workhsop offers the youth an opportunity to explore their neighborhood, looking for the diversity in cultural customs, and in artistic traditions in the course of a field survey. Collected elements are organised so that participants can create exhibition boards, online exhibition of the Ethnogues en Herbe  Assosiation’s website:

“Jobs in the city” – an ethnography workshop.
This workshop seeks to trigger the pupils curiosity about the jobs in their district, teach them about the methods of field survey; and reinforce the learning processes and transverse abilities.

“Gender in everyday life” –  – an ethnography workshop.
Six two-hours session in junior-schools aim to introduce the notion of gender and raise the youths awareness on how this notion expresses itself in everyday life. They are acquainted with the method of field survey.

Description of Ethnologues en herbe project: Description of Ethnologues en Herbe 2013-2014 projects [English, all profiles in one, pdf]


Here you could find different methods used by Zeitpfeil e.V. and one project of the association, which in our view have a lot of elements inspired by the anthropological approach and in particular from the fieldwork methods of ethnography.
“Marathon in the big city” Method of civic education used in particular during study-visits of groups in Berlin.
The learners are invited to visit different areas of the city to make their own observation about the area, its particularities and its inhabitants and to come in contact with local people. In order to achieve that, they receive a sheet with different tasks: questions for the inhabitants, visit of specific areas/buildings/institutions, photographs of the nice and not nice areas etc.

Description of Zeitpfeil project: Inside Views – Cases Zeitpfeil, Marathon in the big city

Subjective map. Methods of analysis of the social space (Sozialraumanalyse) for children and youngsters.
A professional ask to each participant to draw a map of the area that they live, pla1y, go to school, live their family. After drawing their own map the kids present it to the professional. It is important to take notes of the presentation of children.

Description of Zeitpfeil project: Inside Views Cases-Zeitpfeil, Subjective map

“Team message in the bottle” A group of children from a small city of Brandenburg get in touch with a group from a small city in Ecuador. The children send to each other letter and photos describing their life, their school and their city. In order to do that they have photo sessions and writing sessions. Some in Spanish. The letters, the pictures and other handcrafts are given personally to the group in Ecuador and vice versa by volunteers participating in workcamps in Ecuador.

Description of Zeitpfeil project: Inside Views- Cases Zeitpfeil – Team Flaschenpost

“Inspection of the neighbourhood” Methods of analysis of the social space (Sozialraumanalyse) for children and youngsters. A professional goes together with a group of children or youngster for a walk in the neighborhood. The children guide him/her and they talk with him about the places they like or not, how do they use the space, what they are missing.

Description of Zeitpfeil project: Inside Views – Cases Zeitpfeil, Inspection of the neighbourhood


“Street lucky catch”: a series of photo-interviews with passers-by, made in Vilnius and other Lithuanian and European cities. The goal was to create a cultural map a changing city of Vilnius (and other cities) through the everyday routes and cultural preferences of the passers-by. By focusing attention to the favourite city places, music, films, internet sites, travel destinations, books and hobbies of passers-by it was also sought to bring public interest to the everyday life of citizens, who usually do not get attention of media as experts in cinema, literature, fashion, urban places, etc. Implemented: 2oo7, spring.

Description of project: Street Lucky Catch, miesto kartografavimas / Gatvės Laimikiai, city mapping [in English and Lithuanian, pdf]

“Street Blog” (Web_0): bringing online communication tools to the streets. A mobile interactive installation, which serve as a communication tool and a community development method. The object was installed in various city spaces for to initiate written and verbal discussions on burning urban topics (for example, the reconstruction of the public spaces) or just for exchanging messages, pictures and small items. Urban spaces, where the Street Blog was installed were activated by attracting people, and the temporal communities of active users of the Street Blog emerge. Implemented: 2009, spring.

Description of project: Street Blog, a platfrom for discussions / Gatvės Blogas, mobili diskusijų platforma [in English and Lithuanian, pdf]

“Street Mosaic Workshop”.
A community art format, developed by for the revitalization of the wooden neighbourhood of Šnipiškės, which used to be famous for its ceramic workshops in 16-18th centuries. A community art is not only a form of participatory research [see publication], but also an effective networking and placemaking tool. A workshop takes place in the streets of the neighbourhood each week. The format is open and everyone is invited to join. There are different forms of participating in creating starting from decorating electric pole the participants were invited to decorate facades of local bicycle shop. Implemented: 2o13, spring.

Description of project: Street Mosaic Workshop / Gatvės mozaikos dirbtuvės Šnipiškėse [in English and Lithuanian, upcoming].


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