Liège 2014

Meeting of partners in Liège, 7-8 November, 2o14

During this meeting we explored the forms of working with immaterial heritage, developed and implemented by the members of the Musées et Société en Wallonie ASBL, focusing on the experience of the Museum of the Walloon life. Also, the valuable experience of CEMIS, Center of research for the subsaharien Migration and the cooperation between the Museum of the Walloon life and this organisation was presented.

Working program [pdf]
Venue: Musée de la Vie wallonne

Friday 7/11

– Guided visit of the Museum of the Walloon life (focusing on the forms of working with the testimonies)
– Visiting the puppets museum of the Walloon life (exploring forms of presenting and expressing the heritage)
– Exploring the work of the Research department of the Museum of Walloon life
– Discussing bilateral meetings of Inside Views.

Saturday 8/11

– Introducing the project “migrants”. Presentation by Dr Bonaventure Kagne – Centre d’Études et de Mémoire des Migrations subsahariennes (CEMIS)
– Discussion the methods of working with migrants and intersectoral coopertions.
– Shaping out further perspectives of the “Inside Views” project.
– Planning the upcoming meeting in Portugal.

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